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Two New Unique Venues in the Brandywine Valley

Midway Arches venues, known as St. Stan’s and St. Cecilia’s are the two newest venues in Western Chester County. During the ongoing revitalization project in Coatesville, the goal was to repurpose these beautiful churches into event spaces and to preserve their rich history. You get to choose which venue is the perfect location for you and your special event. Each venue will have a stunning boutique hotel next door where you and your guests can stay, making this a perfect place for any destination event. Our beautiful venues are the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, corporate function, family reunion, or any other special events. We look forward to helping you create lifetime memories at the Midway Arches.

St. Stan’s

C O M I N G   S O O N

2 0 9   W e s t   L i n c o l n   H i g h w a y   |   C o a t e s v i l l e   |   P A

Formerly St. Stanislaus, this church was built in 1869 and was the little sister to St. Cecilia’s. This beautiful venue is warm and inviting. You can host a more intimate gathering from 20 up to 150 guests. Whether hosting a corporate event, a wedding, a fundraiser or other life events you will love the ability to have your guests stay in the boutique hotel next door.




FRIDAY and SUNDAY$1500 plus $300 for a ceremony

SATURDAY – $2000 plus $300 for a ceremony

MONDAY – THURSDAY – $150/hour

Included in the pricing are chairs and tables.